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Egg Cosy

Hand Knitted Pumpkin Egg Cosy And Egg Cup

Hand Knitted Pumpkin Egg Cosy And Egg Cup


This cute hand knitted 'Pumpkin' egg cosy which will keep your eggs lovely and warm. Complete with White China egg cup. Made with 100% wool.

Each hand knitted egg cosy comes with it's own white china egg cup, so you're cute little pumpkin egg cosy is ready to use.

Hand knitted in Somerset by our team of ladies, these egg cosies use only the best ingredients; 100% wool.

Why not add a Pumpkin Mug Cosy and a Pumpkin 2 Cup Tea Cosy to your Autumnal set! Also available from our website.

made from:
Made from only the best ingredients: 100% pure wool.

Complete with a hand stitched face and super cute knitted green stalk.

Hand wash only.

Handmade in Somerset

Circumference 20cm (8") H 10cm (4")

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