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30 Sheep, One Knitter, & One victim.

The Task:

To Make and Ship 30 of these adorable Sheep Tea Cosy's and send them to Sacha Interiors.

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Deadline: Two weeks.

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We knew there was only one woman up to the task, she had successfully made the last flock back in 2014 and is a dab hand at them, Anita.


Thankfully Anita agreed and the flock of 30 were made

and Sheeped off in time.

(Terrible pun, sorry!)


However during the process this happened to her Knitting Needles:

(The top needle being before and the bottom after.)

Anita's needles before & after 100 sheep cosies

The friction of the wool against the needle actually caused the Knitting Needle

to ware itself down!

Thank you for your hard work Anita!

New needles are on their way

to you!

Love Chi Chi Moi