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The Trials, Tribulations and Highs of Product Development

This year we have worked hard on developing new products forour lovely customers.

One of our personal favourite new products has to be our Personalised Mega Chunky Pet Bed! (Perhaps because we got to hang out with this gorgeous cat!)

Grey Yellow and White Cat Better

These pet beds have been hand crocheted using a recycled T-Shirt yarn which has been recycled from the fashion industry. As soon a we spotted this yarn we knew it would make a perfect bed for a Cat or Dog. (Or any other pets for that matter!)

The size of the crochet hooks we have been using to make these are a size 20!


As with most recycled products patience is needed especially when each ball of yarn can differ in colour and texture. This was definitely the case when it came to writing the crochet pattern. With multiple trials and error, we thought we had nailed it until a new batch of yarn came in which turned out to be thinner than we were used to. Unfortunately we didn't realise how much this would effect the bed itself until eight of them had been made! Each one having difficulty keeping their shape.

As a solution to the problem we used plastic boning to feed through the walls of the  Pet bed and allowed the bed to keep its shape.


Black Blue Single

What have we learnt from weeks of product development and trial and error? We have learnt that not everything is uniform. Constant adaptation is needed and that's okay..... even if it does take us out of our comfort zone.

The results from these happy pets certainly speak for themselves and really make it worthwhile.

Cue the Cat Collage!


We are currently working on making small, medium and large beds for dogs! Here is a sneak peek at our development so far...


We will let you know when these go live!

Happy Friday everyone!

Chi Chi Moi