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Meet Our Lovely Knitters - Part 1


We are very lucky at Chi Chi Moi to have a wonderful team ofladies who knit for us.

We thought that it was about time for you to meet them and get to know who is behind the knitting / crochet of a lot of our products.



Anita is our fastest knitter and has been knitting and crocheting for Chi Chi Moi for over 6 years.

Originally taught by her mum, Anita can also speak 4 languages; English, German, French and Arabic. She describes herself as nuts: (Having grown up in Austria) her children think that she has a funny accent!

When she is not busy knitting for us, she can be found baking her scrummy Christmas cookie selection and her favourite; Apfelstrudel.


Carole always provides us with a chuckle when she comes in to drop off her knitting!

Carole has been knitting for Chi Chi Moi for over 18 months and was taught to knit by her mum. Her favourite thing to knit for Chi Chi is the mug cosies and her least favourite being the Dorothy Tea Cosies.

She can't bare to miss a David Attenborough documentary and loves Dan Brown books whilst soaking up the Spanish sunshine.


Kiki is our go to person for anything Crochet. She makes beautiful micro-crochet whimsies that she sells in independant shops around Wells, Somserset. Her favourite thing to crochet is her minature Tea Sets.

Kiki has been knitting and crocheting for Chi Chi Moi for almost two years!

When she is not busy crocheting, Kiki's second love is playing her violin, followed closely by eating and cooking good food. Once the suns out though she likes exploring her natural surroundings.

Thank you ladies for your hard work, we couldn't do this without your help.  Next week we have our remaining Knitters.

Chi Chi Moi