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Meet Our Lovely Knitters -Part 2


We hope you enjoyed last week's"Meet Our Lovely Knitters-Part 1" blog post.

As promised here is part two with some information about our last two lovely knitters.



Lyn is always smiling and is constantly exploring new textiles and techniques. Lyn enjoys a challenge and when she's got a break from knitting she loves getting back to her creatives routes with a spot of drawing. Lyn has been knitting and crocheting for us for almost 3 years and finds knitting mug cosies the most rewarding. Her guilty secrets involve relaxing infront of the TV with 'Eastenders', 'Love Actually' or 'Mamma Mia'.


Linda was taught to knit by her mother and learnt to crochet in a crafting class taught by her local collage. She has been knitting for Chi Chi Moi for 4 years and love knitting our Cable knit hot water bottles and Knitted headbands. Linda loves baking and often treats us with her amazing chocolate brownies! When she is not busy knitting she can be found in her garden, cycling or walking around the beautiful Somerset countryside.

Thank you ladies for your hard work, we couldn’t do this without your help.  Next week you will meet Jan and the office team!

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