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"Let's Dream" by Chi Chi Moi

We have just opened another new shop exclusive to Etsy called"Let's Dream" by Chi Chi Moi.

let's dream

For those of you who know Etsy, will know that it is a HUGE marketplace designed for vintage and handmade goods. There are sellers from all over the world making (for the most part) anything you can think off.

We really felt like little fish in a big pond, and thought it would be easier to split Chi Chi Moi into two shops, one for knit and one for paper products. This will not only allow customers to find our products easier, but also allow our brand not to become lost in the huge market place that is Etsy.

Etsy works best for small businesses if they utilise Etsy's SEO (Search engine Optimisation). For example we have  separate listings for our "Floral 21st Birthday Card" and "Floral 40th Birthday Card."

The reason being is because most customers would search,  for example;"21st Birthday Card," rather than just "Birthday Card." They would then see exactly what they were looking for and our card would be among them.

You can check out our new Etsy shop if you click on the link below.

Let's Dream by Chi Chi Moi

Happy Friday Everyone!