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Somerset Makes Christmas - Liam O'Farrell


Week Three - Liam O'Farrell

An artist who celebrates ordinariness. Liam Paints in watercolour, and oil paint. He has exhibited  at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and The Mall Galleries in London.


East End Crossing Liam Ofarrell

"The trouble with the ordinary is that there is so much of it. When looking at something every day there is a natural tendency not to see it anymore. From there it is a tiny step not to appreciate it. "

A Somerset View 2

"I like to get in front of my subjects “en plein air” if I can. Even in my allotment pictures (which are partly from imagination) the core elements are taken from real allotments. Working on site you get so much more from what you are trying to capture, I also get to chat to passersby who feed into my work with their rich stories and conversation. For me working purely in the studio would be like painting through a letter box."

final broadway panting Cat

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