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I am finding writing a blog really hard, not because nothing happens in my week but exactly the opposite, so much happens I don’t know where to start! The children have had a really busy week, it has been things for them so on the whole good. It is the quiet days they struggle with, they seem to need an endless stream of entertainment, which can be really hard and what I can’t understand is why they wake up as bright as buttons at 7am on a Sunday but need to be woken up on school days! Anyway we have discovered ‘Go Henry’ it is a pocket money app and in my opinion brilliant, yes it costs money each month but the leverage it gives us is great. This is how it works and this is how we use it....

  1. We set the amount they can earn each week.

  2. We have given them 6 tasks each to do.

  3. On Friday evening we go through the tasks and tick each one they have completed.

  4. They then get paid on Saturday morning.

Doesn’t this sound simple? Well, our tasks are a little different to the norm, our two are terrible in the car together they argue all the time, so one task is behaving well in the car, (they did get that one this week,) but it is the first time since we started ‘Go Henry’ six week ago! Another,and this is aimed at our little girl,is ‘No Shouting’ she has not earned a tick for that one yet. Then our boy has ‘No answering back’ he finds that one really hard.

Anyway as you can see we have used the tasks in a very personalised way and that’s what I like, some tasks they get easily, some they struggle with but they always get some pocket money and the great thing is they both have their own debit cards and can spend any money earned in whichever shop they choose. Our Son went to a Tesco’s and bought a toy using his card, for him the whole process was very exciting and he felt very Grown Up.

However back to last weekend, it was so busy and SO lovely, it was our Son’s Birthday and everything we had planned for the day went really well, most importantly he had a great day. Our daughter had a dance show on the same day, it didn’t start until lunchtime so she was able to join in with the party celebrations most of the day. The dance show was fantastic and the organisers absolute stars. Wish I could share photo’s from both events but I have to be careful about posting images of our children, such a shame but at the moment necessary.

So now work....In my first blog I was hoping to go through my day hour by hour, but as my work days vary so much I am finding it hard. Trying to explain the juggling that my life involves is very hard to explain, but I am hoping that you get an idea as my blog proceeds.

We are starting to design new products, this is my absolute favourite thing. We have been brainstorming today, looking at products we currently have, ones that sell, ones that don’t, things we still love & things we don’t.

The next step is looking at trends, although we don’t follow them religiously we like to be aware of them. I am saying ‘We’ here as although I come up with lot’s of idea’s my assistant Jess is heavily involved in creating new products too, I also like getting input from Milly & Faye, so it’s a real team effort.

Alice in Wonderland inspired Tea cosy for Whittards of Chelsea.

Alice in Wonderland inspired Tea cosy for Whittards of Chelsea.

Most of of sales come through ‘Not on the High Street’ but we also have our own website, plus two Etsy shops. We also make products for other businesses, sometimes these have been really big companies like White Stuff or Whittards of Chelsea, sometimes they have been small. We have also supplied some very nice Hotels.

This year we have been lucky enough to be chosen by ‘Holly&Co’ as a business they would like to work with alongside Not on the High Street to create products exclusively for ‘Noths’ so exciting times.


Once we have some of these new products live i will share them on the blog, what I can say for now is that we are continuing to look at sustainable products (as with the bamboo travel mug) they emphasis will be very much on ‘handmade’ and I hope to use the pantone colour of the year (Coral) in products too. Exciting times!

That’s all for now



Jan Ollis