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Juggling Half Term, Kittens and New Friends



Last week was half term and for every working parent this can be an busy time, it was no different here and involved a mammoth juggle for both Ben & I.


We are both self-employed so taking the whole week off was not an option, in the past we have often just muddled through but I was determined to have some structure this time. Overall it worked well, the kids are better when they know what was happening so it helped them.

So this is what we did, Ben would go to work in the morning and a couple of afternoons I went to work or popped to see my Mum/went shopping, actually we went food shopping a LOT as whatever was in the house got consumed quickly. The kids went to holiday club for two days , which is amazing as they love the activities and it free’s up two days for us to work. One morning a dance workshop for one child & one morning going to the Cathedral, then there was a walk with two of their friends and their friends dog, that was a bit crazy. A day in Bristol, that was crazy too, the rest of the time was spent at home only one morning did the kids fall out, so all in all a good half term!

I can’t believe it have not written about our kittens sooner, they arrived with us in November when they were 12 weeks old. We have a 15 year old cat who was not impressed when the children joined us and has never really tolerated them, she has more or less moved into our next door neighbours who dote on her. Then, during one of our therapy sessions (I will write a whole blog on therapy one day, it has helped us so much in the past 4 years and we have an amazing therapist who we see every week, I did not at any point in my life before this give a thought to therapy, so its a whole new experience).


Our therapist thought it would help our son to have a pet, we thought it would be fair to let each of our children have a pet, so started to look for kittens. Then, as these things sometimes happen a parent at school said that they have two kittens looking for homes, our kids were so excited when they saw them and have loved them so much since they moved in. They are the most docile kittens I have ever met, we have a boy and a girl, same as the children, so our son has the boy kitten who he named ‘Litten’ after a Pokemon character and our daughter the girl who she named ‘Poppy’ after one of her friends that she really likes. The kittens have brought so much fun into the house, but also chaos, they too eat loads and I am forever clearing out litter trays, and except that I miss our old cat who does come back and visit us was a good decision.

One of the surprises I have had since the children arrived is making new friends, I was really worried that by being an older Mum that I would not fit in to any social circle, but I have been welcomed and have made lots of lovely new young friends. They let me know what is going on at school, I think they realise how disorganised I am and like to make sure I know when it is mufti day etc.,

Last Friday, which was the last day of the school term I bumped into one new friend, who with her daughter came round for an impromptu coffee, I am not exaggerating when I say we chatted for two hours whilst our girls played, it was an absolute joy and one of those moments when I realise just how much this new life experience has added to my life.

Alongside all this busyness, we have managed to create some new products. Thank goodness that my little team can take my idea’s and create them. Here is a sneak peek, they are not quite finished or listed on our website yet but will be next week just ready for Mothers Day on the 29th March.

Jan x

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