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VAT, a decent coffee & ‘Rawse’


Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support after last weeks blog, I was truly touched.

Last week my day reached morning coffee and I thought I would share my tip on making a decent cup of instant coffee. At home we have a coffee grinder and a milk frother so as you can tell I do like a good cup of coffee! At work it’s a kettle, instant coffee and a key tool - the microwave. Oh and I like almond milk, but it doesn't froth as well as cows milk so this is what I do:-

  • half fill a mug with 2/3rds almond milk & 1/3 cows milk

  • heat until it bubbles up (this bit is a bit risky as it could just boil over the sides of the mug)

  • add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee (Lavazza Prontissimo is good)

  • Fill with boiling water, if you pour from around 10cm above the cup it will froth up nicely.

So, I have my coffee, Time to start work, my days vary but recently it's been all about VAT. It took many years until my little business became VAT registered, we reached the threshold two years ago and it's been a learning curve. As we all know VAT of 20% is added to most products, when you have a turnover of under £85,000 you do not need to add VAT when you sell anything, but over £85,000 you do, the plus side is that you are then able to reclaim any VAT on purchases, however things like rent & staff do not have VAT on them, so you cannot claim that back. Most of my costs do not have VAT on them unfortunately.

Anyway, after struggling through using Sage Accounting system, which is good but is not set out the way my brain works, I decided to use a bookkeeper and change to Quickbooks, Quickbooks is fantastic but not so the bookkeeper. I cannot tell you the amount of grief and stress has been caused this past year. I will not go into details as that would not be fair, but all I can say is that Jess, my assistant has spent the last three weeks sorting out the mess he created and my partner Ben who does have a ‘Sage’ and now a ‘QB’ brain has spent tens of hours sorting it out too. I have helped the best I can and now almost have a Quickbooks brain. I am so annoyed that I paid someone to do a job badly which has now resulted in me having to pay to correct it.

So the moral to this tale is do your homework before instructing ‘Professional’ help :(

On a more light hearted note ‘Rawse’ posters have been popping up around our house. This is how our 6 year old daughter spells rules (I haven't had the heart to tell her the correct spelling yet).. They are really making me smile, I am a little worried that I am the only person in the house to be given her own ‘Rawse’ but am happy to say that I have been going to bed properly as instructed!

sky 3.jpg

I could not sign off without mentioning the SNOW which came on Friday and then went quite quickly here in this part of Somerset

The kids had a fantastic time, A snowman (with a bobble) was built by 8am!

We had such trouble trying to keep them relatively quiet first thing in the morning as the schools were closed so it was a snow day.

Such fun :)

That’s all for this week,

Jan x

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