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The Marie Kondo effect. A tidy house & #marchmeetthemaker



The weather in Somerset today has been pretty awful but somehow I feel really Spring like, I think it might have something to do with a book I received at Christmas. Faye gave me ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up ‘ by Marie Kondo and I have been sorting, tidying, selling, donating, cleaning & clearing both at home and at work and I feel so much better!

Faye works at Chi-Chi and her job title is ‘Marketing & Order Processing Assistant’ but she does so much more and she is very good at sorting out my ‘hoard’ which is really a collection of things that might come in useful that I have been amassing for the last 15 years. Today we had a Materials sale and it was fantastic, not only that people went away happy with a few things that I no longer wanted or needed but also because I felt happy and a little lighter.

Gwyneth Paltrow toy room

Gwyneth Paltrow toy room

I have tried to use the same effect at home with less success but I will keep trying, my daughter has at least managed to give 3 of her toys to her cousin ‘Baby Emma’ who is 9 months old and is my little girls favourite person. My son when I looked at his room said he liked it because it looked like an inventors room and knows where everything is. Ben has started hiding things in the garage so I can’t get hold of them but some things have found their way to the charity shop, tip and school clothes collection (which in my eagerness took the huge bag of clothes 3 weeks early & promptly had to bring them home again!). There is a long way to go, but I am really enjoying the process so will keep at it for now.

Did anyone else read the article in one of the papers this week about Gwyneth Paltrow’s house particularly focusing on her children’s playroom. (See image) Her’s is serious home goals.

We have also been taking part in Joanne Hawker’s Instagram Challenge called #marchmeethemaker. The Challenge allows you to tell your business story throughout the month of March. It has been really great this year as some of the prompts are really thought provoking and allow me to think about Chi Chi Moi in perhaps a way which I hasn’t thought of before.

(C) Joanne Hawker

(C) Joanne Hawker

Here is our link to the Chi Chi Moi Instagram if you are interested in seeing what we have done so far.

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