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Hello All,

Don’t worry I am not asking for babysitters, although whilst I am on the subject….Our lovely neighbours will babysit for us when asked. The last time I thought it would be a nice idea if they watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ with the kids (we had braved going to an early evening event, normally the kids are tucked up in bed when they babysit). When we got home 2 hours later, the kids were in bed but our neighbours looked a bit frazzled. The reason, our children has performed the film as entertainment for them, think they liked it for the first 20 mins but a whole film with them singing and dancing each scene was a bit much!


The same thing happened when some friends brought their baby to meet us last Sunday, first it was our daughter who put on her ballet clothes (in advance and had said she wanted to perform a show for them), we have a low robust coffee table which she thinks is her stage and we have an Alexa (a present for Ben at Christmas, although he doesn’t get to choose what gets played that often).

Our friends were very polite and said that they loved the show, 5 minutes of our daughter being a rabbit along to ‘Rabbitrabbit’ soundtrack by Chas & Dave. Then a full 20 mins circus performance buy both children involving hula hoops (not on the coffee table though ).

I am not quite sure why they think that anyone who comes to visit needs to be entertained & think that they are only coming to see them. I have a theory that it is something to do with the amount of social workers they have encountered in their lives and probably had to perform but obviously in a different way.

Sorry, I have digressed. ‘Can you help?’

For a while now we have thought about turning some of our products into DIY kits, I don’t want them to be any DIY kit though and am thinking we could supply the materials and pattern for say a pom pom tree, a pom pom wreath or a pom pom bouquet. Of course we could sell patterns too, so this is where we would like some help, what would you like?

So, I would love to hear what DIY kits you would like?

Can’t wait to hear.