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10 Tea's I Love About You Personalised Jar

10 Tea's I Love About You Personalised Jar

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This 10 Teas I Love About You tea personalised jar features 10 personalised teabags featuring your chosen 10 things that you love about your favourite person.

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Each tea features it's own unique 'thing' that you love about that person. Let them know that you secretly love their cheesy jokes and shower singing everytime they put on the kettle.

Each teabag is personalised by hand using bio-degradable silk 'Tea-Pigs' tea temples.

The 10 Teas I Love About You tea jar makes the perfect gift for your tea-fanatic other half, best friend or family member.

Top it off with your own personalised gift message tag which will be popped around the neck of the jar.

Your 10 personalised teabags will be sent in a re-usable, air tight jar which helps keep the tea fresh.

Tea choices:

Earl Grey - A sophisticated combination of real-leaf black tea with bergamont petals and real citrus fruit giving a rich and refreshing taste.

Breakfast Blend - A sophisticated combination of the finest real-leaf black tea which gives a rich and refreshing taste.

Blackcurrant & Vanilla - A delightful infusion complementing fruity blackcurrant and sweet vanilla.

Peppermint & Liquorice - A delicious infusion with real liquorice root for a sweet and fresh taste.

Green Rooibos, Peach & Cherry - An infusion of the orient, softened with peach and cherry

made from:
Kilner Glass Jar

x10 Tea bags

127mm (H) x 83mm (C)

Tea cup and milk bottle not included.

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