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Personalised Things I Wish For You Christening Box

Personalised Things I Wish For You Christening Box

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Our personalised 'Things I Wish for You' box is a birthday gift they will treasure, filled with your words of wisdom and life advice.

Perfect for your daughter on her 18th Birthday or your sister as she begins married life.

Who would we be without dreams or wishes? Our wishes help to attract the things we wish to achieve throughout our life.

Each 'wish' can be personalised by you, or by each member of your family or workplace if giving to a colleague about to embark on their next adventure!

If you could go back, what would you wish for? The ability and peace of mind to let go of the negatives? It could even be something as simple as 'a long, happy and successful' life or a desire to see the world.

Whatever it is, each one of your 10 wishes will be carefully printed by us onto quality FSC certified card. If you can't think of 10 wishes, simply add a 'X' to the box and we will leave this notelet out.

We know there's a lot of pressure to think of the perfect thing to write on each notelet, which is why we have the option for you to handwrite your own reasons yourself onto blank notelets. Once the thought pops into your head, just jot it down and add it to the box.

This thoughtful gift box will no doubt be kept forever.

Choose the colour of your box from Sage Green, Lavender Grey or Blush Pink.

Stumped for wish ideas? Here are some ideas to get you started:

To find your true love

to visit every continent

To eat whatever you want without gaining weight

To be eternally beautiful and full of grace

Feel relief from social judgment

Know that you made a difference in someone else’s life

Feel important to others

Know yourself and feel centered

Live each day without regret

Quiet self-limiting thoughts

Create a positive work/life balance

Be recognized as talented or even brilliant

Publish a book

Find meaningful work

Enjoy each day

made from:

Each notelet (x10) is printed onto good quality 280gsm white card.


The box containing your notelets measures 9.5cm high x 9.5cm wide x 1.5cm deep

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